33. Present continuous 2

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Lesson 33: Present continuous 2

to givevermek
to begin, to startbaşlamak
to end, to finish (intransitive)bitmek
to openaçmak
to work, to study, to practice, to tryçalışmak
to resemblebenzemek
to search, to look for; to call (on telephone)aramak
to understandanlamak
to be necessary, to requiregerekmek
to asksormak
to lookbakmak
to returndönmek
to tell, to explain, to describeanlatmak
to sitoturmak
to live, to experienceyaşamak
to enter, to go intogirmek
to bring (to here)getirmek
to stop (intransitive)durmak
to take/shoot a photo/picturefotoğraf çekmek
to hold, to keeptutmak
to be afraid, to fearkorkmak
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