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Lesson 85: Time and the に-particle

The most commonly used particle in conjunction with time is the -particle. Up until now, you have used this particle to show presence at or movement towards a destination. In addition to that usage, it also means at when following a time.

English Japanese
I bought the tickets at eight o'clock. わたしはちにチケットをいました。
watashi wa hachiji ni chiketto o kaimashita.
She went to New York in February. かのじょがつにニューヨークにきました。
kanojo wa nigatsu ni nyuu yooku ni ikimashita.
Would you like to do something on Friday? きんようなにかしませんか?
kinyoubi ni nanika shimasen ka?

Note that though is used with the time expressions including hours, weekdays and months. There are other cases in which they are not used together with a time expression, as in the sentences below which you have learned earlier.

English Japanese
I didn't drink anything today. きょなにみませんでした。
kyou nanimo nomimasen deshita.
I will meet you tomorrow. したあなたにいます。
ashita anata ni aimasu.
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