Proto-Indo-European 7 - Plural nouns and plural verb conjugation

"all of us are [verb]ing" suffix(Ø)-yómos
"all of you are [verb]ing" suffix(Ø)-yéte
"all of them are [verb]ing" suffix(Ø)-yónti
"All of us are cutting"skyómos
"All of you are walking"ǵhyéte
"They are all walking towards my house"proǵhyónti démey moy
"we are all eating"hdmós
"all of you are eating"hdté
"they are all eating"hdénti
"apples" (accusative case)ħébolṃs
"we're all eating apples"hdmós ħébolṃs
"All of you aren't walking towards my house, you're all eating apples!"ne proǵhyéte démey moy, hdté ħébolṃs!