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The Spanish language has three demonstratives.

that over there

Aquello refers to things that are further away than eso does, and eso refers to things that are further away than esto does.

The forms you see in the table above are gender neutral forms. You use these forms to refer to unknown objects or unnamed concepts. Otherwise you use either the masculine or the feminine form, depending on the gender of the noun you are referring to.

You can use demonstratives either as determiners in front of nouns, or as pronouns, which means that you use them by themselves in the place of a noun.

In the table below, note that the plural form of the masculine demonstratives and the neuter demonstratives are the same.

Masculine Feminine Neuter
este libro, estos libros
this book, these books
esta casa, estas casas
this house, these houses
ese libro, esos libros
that book, those books
esa casa, esas casas
that house, those houses
aquel libro, aquellos libros
that book over there
those books over there
aquella casa, aquellas casas
that house over there
those houses over there
este, estos
this (one), these (ones)
esta, estas
this (one), these (ones)
esto, estos
this (one), these (ones)
ese, esos
that (one), those (ones)
esa, esas
that (one), those (ones)
eso, esos
that (one), those (ones)
aquel, aquellos
that (one) over there
those (ones) over there
aquella, aquellas
that (one) over there
those (ones) over there
aquello, aquellos
that (one) over there
those (ones) over there
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