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Lesson 2: Verbs

In the table below, you can see the first Dutch verbs you will learn.

English Dutch
to drink drinken
to wait wachten
to knowsomeone kennen
to bake bakken

The verbs above are presented in the infinitive form, and if we want to combine them with personal pronouns in order to make sentences, we will need to conjugate them.

Infinitive Stem
drinken drink
wachten wacht
kennen ken
bakken bak

Conjugating a verb simply means to change its shape, and in order to do this, we first create the stem form by cutting off the en at the end, and if we end up with the same letter twice, we'll also cut off one of them.

Now we know how to obtain the stem of a verb, we can use it in our conjugation rules for different persons.

Person Rule
ik stem ik drink
I drink
ik wacht
I wait
ik ken
I know
ik bak
I bake
jij stem + t jij drinkt
you drink
jij wacht
you wait
jij kent
you know
jij bakt
you bake
hij/zij/het stem + t hij drinkt
he drinks
zij wacht
she waits
hij kent
he knows
zij bakt
she knows
wij/jullie/zij infinitive wij drinken
we drink
jullie wachten
you wait
zij kennen
they know
zij bakken
they bake

Note that for the second person singular, jij, we don't add a t after the stem if the stem already ends in a t.

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